Gauteng Smallholder December/ January 2018 - Page 10

NEWS Cellphone app for, classified ad site W ith more than two- thirds of visitors to the SA Small Farmers Online Exchange,, accessing the site from their smartphones we have now launched a phone app for the site which makes it even more user-friendly. And, as a bonus, the app integrates the existing Gauteng Smallholder website so that users have access to both the online classified advertisement exchange and the information and other features of BX[\]K\[\˜X\Y\وHXY^[KۈZ\ۙ\˂H\ٛ\XZ\˜[HY\\[Y[›ۈH]HHY^K][]]X]XX[ ]\]ۈZ[[\YX[] [[B[][H[H\™[]Z\HX] [HYY]ۛHۙH]ۈX[B[\\]\[\[[H[\H\]H\[[X[]Hق\ܜKH\[XZ\]X\Y\܈\[][X]H]XY\܈^[\H[[[]YX][ۜ[˜\X[\˞BHXY^[H\Y[X\Y[[܂[X\[ܚ]X[][BX\] [[H\ۈ[\ۙKHB^\ܙKۛY[[\YHوB\\YHو\KH][و\\\\ۙHوH\و[[KBY[\YY]ۈB\ٛ]H[H\[۝ [Y][ۈH]B][\Y [\HY[\X[ۜۈ\Y\›X\][]X[ۜ[KBYK[ و\KH\ق\YYYY\\[Y[Z[œYH]H\ܛ[™Z[K][\\Z[™[\]Y[]YK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[\›ۈ LHMKML܈[XZ[YZ[\ٛ ˞