Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine May 2019 - Page 92

Travel / Beijing 1. A stallholder carefully sets out fresh strawberries at a market. 2. A street vendor on Nanluoguxiang makes sugar animals by blowing into a hollow ball of pliable sugar paste and shaping the sugar. As the girl blows, the hawker moulds the ballooning ball into an animal shape. 3. Entrance to Wangfujing Snack Street. 4. Sichuan-style fried chicken with plenty of chilli at the Grand Hyatt’s Made in China restaurant. 1 5 senses: taste 2 Street Snacks E/Want to sample Beijing street food that’s sweet or savoury or even sometimes a little bit scary? Swing by Wangfujing Snack Street, a convenient (and often bustling) collection of stalls and eateries (Wangfujing subway station). I/ Ingin mencicipi jajanan khas Beijing yang manis atau gurih. atau sedikit menakutkan? Jelajahi Wangfujing Snack Street yang dihuni kios-kios dan tempat makan nyaman (dekat stasiun kereta bawah tanah Wangfujing). 90 a hutong that has been revitalised with boutiques, cafés and street-food stands. It’s the kind of place where you can find handicrafts and fashion next to ice-cream makers and laid-back coffee shops. A short amble from the northern end of Nanluoguxiang leads to the Drum Tower (Shichahai subway station), which has marked time since 1272 – easily spotted, and possibly heard. At intervals throughout the day, energetic percussionists beat its array of oversized drums. probably kept imperial drummers warm in the depths of a Beijing winter. It’s famed for chaogan’r, a gummy liver soup, but is also a good spot to slurp up zha jiang mian, thick noodles topped with mince in a salty-smoky fermented soybean sauce. It’s hugely satisfying. It’s a pulse-thumping hike to the top of the tower. The stone steps are shiny, steep and irregular. But the drum performance, and view of the hutongs around, is a breathtaking reward. Across town, Huguosi Snacks (93 Huguosi Dajie; Ping’anli subway station) serves dishes that have an equally long history in the city, brought by Hui Muslims from lands far along the epic Silk Road. Signature plates include chaogeda (dumplings fried with pickled vegetables) and baodu (quick-fried stomach). They have cakes to take out too: tang’erduo (deep-fried sugary knots) and a glutinous rice and red-bean roll known as lüdagun (or ‘rolling donkey’) are two classic examples. Adjacent to the tower, Yaoji (311 Gulou Dongdajie) makes the kind of local food that To burn off such hearty fare, head over to the Summer Palace (Xiyuan subway station)