Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine May 2019 - Page 90

Travel / Beijing / ON THE MAP China’s sprawling capital sits at the top of the North China Plain, near the meeting point of the Xishan and Yanshan mountain ranges. It’s a city that seems to be forever rebuilding and reimagining itself – there’s always somewhere fresh to eat, to shop, to sleep. Yet Beijing continues to be dominated by its history… a history that is best experienced quietly on foot, in hushed palace side halls and sleepy back-lanes. E/ At dawn, every day, ceremonial guards enter Tiananmen Square with the grace and precision of a ballet company. They escort the flag of China, the flag that flies not just at the heart of Beijing but at the heart of the entire country. Whatever the weather, a large crowd already awaits them at the stately flagpole. The guards hook the ‘five-starred red flag’ to the halyard rope and then, with heroic drama, literally throw it into the sky and hoist it high. Tiananmen Gate (Tiananmen East subway station) stands on the north side of the square and is an austere if iconic backdrop to the morning flag-raising ceremony. It, and a further two hulking gateways, must be passed through before entering the Forbidden City 88 SUMMER PALACE TEMPLE OF HEAVEN E/ The Temple of Heaven, which was built in 1420, is considered Beijing’s holiest imperial temple. I/ The Temple of Heaven, yang dibangun pada 1420, dianggap Kuil Kekaisaran paling suci di Beijing. E/ The Summer Palace is said to be the best-preserved imperial garden in the world, and the largest of its kind still in existence in China. I/ Istana Musim Panas,terkenal sebagai Taman Kekaisaran yang paling terawat dunia dan yang terbesar dari jenisnya di Tiongkok.