Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine May 2019 - Page 112

Travel / Archipelago Journal  sing sunscreen is also U best avoided, as one could damage the jellyfish habitat. We could take photos with them, as long as we didn’t touch. Togean Islands in numbers 1 56 2 E/ 56 islands with 37 villages I/ 56 pulau dengan 37 kampung 262 it’s possible to use your phone. Even then, it can only be used to telephone or SMS. But you don’t need Netflix in this paradise. As well as the lack of phone signal, some places have no mains electricity or modern water systems, as was the case in the resort I stayed at on Katupat Island. The electricity was powered by a generator and only came on from 5pm to 11pm. The rest of the time, apart from island-hopping, I preferred to relax in a hammock while reading a book. I also had the opportunity to visit Mariona Lake, where there are jellyfish that don’t sting. The jellyfish have no predators, so their sting has disappeared as they have evolved. Looking into the lake felt like staring down into another world, full of aliens. Orange, white and transparent jellyfish surrounded us; it was like we were being watched by thousands of pairs of eyes. My tour guide reminded me to swim without flippers, because the jellyfish are very fragile 110 and it would be easy to destroy them without realising it. Using sunscreen is also best avoided, as it could damage the jellyfish habitat. We could take photos with them, as long as we didn’t touch. E/ 262 species of coral I/ 262 spesies karang After Mariona Lake, we moored our boat next to the pier in order to have lunch on the white sand of Karina Beach, before continuing to the next dive spot. Our boat captain adeptly climbed a coconut tree and brought back fresh coconuts to accompany our lunch. There is plenty to do in the Togean National Park, from diving and snorkelling to meeting local people and wandering the beautiful islands. However, it’s equally tempting to simply do nothing and just relax on one of the picturesque beaches. The serenity, the clean air and the prospect of whiling away the time between sea and sand, far from the ping of emails arriving in your inbox, is reason enough to seek peace in the Togean Archipelago. 596 E/ 596 species of fish I/ 596 spesies ikan