Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine May 2019 - Page 111

Travel / Archipelago Journal 3 2 4 1. Tourists enjoying a sunny morning harbourside on Pangempang Island. 2. Papan Island locals on the way to a neighbouring island. 3. A Bajo woman with rice powder on her face, from Kabalutan Island. 4. Cheerful Bajo children on Kabalutan Island.  s our boat pulled into the harbour, I was greeted by A the island’s children; they were very enthusiastic to welcome visitors... Between diving sessions, I visit the island of Papan. As our boat pulled into the harbour, I was greeted by the island’s children; they were very enthusiastic to welcome visitors, asking to have their photos taken when I brought out my camera. Not long afterwards, they showed me around their village, with the adults laughing at the children’s antics. I felt like a guest of honour as the island children held my hands and took me to greet the other residents of Papan Island. After the village, I was taken to Puncak Batu Karang, the highest point on the island, which offers stunning panoramic views. From this height I noticed that what I had first thought was a long pier was not a pier after all, but a bridge to the neighbouring island. It was an amazing sight – almost a kilometre long, connecting Papan to Malenge, standing above the shallow sea, where fish can be seen darting around between clumps of coral in the crystal-clear waters. The bridge is narrow, with only enough space for two motorbikes to pass each other. Several people were sitting and relaxing at the edge, enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, as children ran excitedly about. Papan is one of the islands inhabited by the Bajo people, traditionally known for their nomadic boat-based lifestyle. While many people in these communities no longer move around, they continue their ancient connection with the sea by building stilt houses above the coral. Before continuing, a cautionary note. The drawback of visiting such a remote patch of paradise is sometimes unreliable access to phone signals and even basic services. I saw several people using their mobile phones at the top of Puncak Batu Karang, holding their devices up in the air to find a signal. After a bit of research, I found out they were onto something – the island doesn’t technically have a mobile phone signal, but if you climb to the top of the hill 5 senses: sight Mariona Lake E/ There are only a few lakes around the world with jellyfish that don’t sting, and Mariona is one of them. Not far from the lake is Karina Beach, a lovely stretch of white sand where you can enjoy coconut fresh from the tree. I/ Danau dengan ubur-ubur tak menyengat ini hanya ada beberapa di dunia. Salah satunya ada di kawasan Taman Nasional Togean ini. Tak jauh dari danau, ada juga pantai berpasir putih bernama pantai karina. Tempat ini cocok untuk makan siang sambil menikmati air kelapa segar langsung dari pohon. 109