Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine May 2019 - Page 10

Voice of Garuda Voice of Garuda Dear valued Garuda Indonesia customers, It is a known fact that in life, success is never simply handed to you. Hard work, courage, and determination are among factors that also play an important part in achieving one’s goals. And as we toil and work towards achieving the things we set out to do, we will without a question stumble upon phases of uncertainty, occasional contentment, and moments of self- reflection and learning; the kind that calls us to stop and look back on how far we have come from where we started. The same applies to Garuda Indonesia, as we make a continuous effort to achieve our goals and to deliver our commitment in providing the best flight service for our customers. Our achievements are no easy feat. A lot of hard work and self- reflection goes into the process of crafting the services and modernising innovations enjoyed by many across all aspects of Garuda Indonesia’s business. As we enter the first week of May this year, Muslims in Indonesia and the world over are also preparing to welcome the month of Ramadan and carry out their full month of fasting. This, too, is a moment that holds a special meaning for us. A period that encourages us to better ourselves, both in the way we think and in our actions. Much like the act of sharpening a knife, it is a time that hones our character and adds meaning to our life, helping us to grow and become the best version of ourselves, in order to achieve true triumph. 8 And it is important that the spirit of kindness in this Ramadan season is carried forward, not just at certain moments of the year but continuously in our day-to-day activities and in the wider sphere of our life. In the face of problems, or at times when we are able to push beyond, we must not be complacent. Avoid responses that are ’reactive’ by nature, which may touch and solve problems on the surface, but will not necessarily tackle the points that lie at the root of these issues. Growth and self improvement is an important element of Garuda Indonesia’s working culture, especially in providing inspiration and innovative service developments for our customers. This can be seen reflected in our new programmes, namely the marketplace platform ’Tau Beres’ and ’GIAMall,’ which are both manifestations of Garuda Indonesia’s efforts to adapt to customers’ need for a flight service that is more integrated, from their pre-flight to post-flight journeys. Moreover, Garuda Indonesia is also introducing a new breakthrough with its Inflight Entertainment with the new Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, the first VR feature in Asia Pacific to earn safety regulations approval. The airline aims for this to be a starting point for future technological developments and innovations for its in-flight entertainment experience, with several other projects already in the pipeline, such as a relaxing seat massage that is set to be the first in the world. These innovations would not have been possible without a strong working culture that is also supported by ongoing capacity building efforts and other self-refinement opportunities across all layers of Garuda Indonesia’s service. As such, Garuda Indonesia aims to continuously create initiatives to support this commitment, through prime professional development programmes, such as the Airline Business programme that offers workshops on the aviation industry. Garuda Indonesia is also opening the opportunity for Garuda Indonesia staff members to receive a Flight Operation Officer scholarship as well as other graduate school scholarships Such is one’s journey to success. A path that is not always easy, and one that calls for hard work, courage, and determination. And when we find ourselves inching closer towards our intended success, may we have the humility to remain humble and not be complacent. Instead, may we continue to reflect upon ourselves and improve our character. Last but not least, we thank you, our customers, for trusting us and for flying with Garuda Indonesia. Regards, Flytizen Garuda Indonesia