Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine March 2019 - Page 6

4 Voice of Garuda VOICE OF GARUDA Dear valued Garuda Indonesia customers, On the 20 th of February every year, Indonesia commemorates National Workers Day. In a recent research, Indonesia is recorded to have a highly productive working class—it is in fact the fourth country with the highest productivity rate according to an analysis titled The Olympics of Work: Ranking the Most Productive Countries by Redbooth. And we believe that to support this productivity is to put in place relevant infrastructure, such as by building workplaces that are equipped with adequate facilities to meet the needs of the modern-day worker. Over the past few years, we have witnessed the rise of co-working spaces; spaces designed with ‘sharing’ in mind. Unlike the conventional workplace or office, this alternative working environment is built around three main elements: community, collaboration and connectivity. Today, all Garuda Indonesia Group employees can experience the new co-working space that is now available at the Garuda Central Operations (Garuda Sentra Operasi) building in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng. Beyond Wi-Fi and a comfortable working area, the space is designed with a layout meant to enhance convenience, equipped with LED TV to be used for presentations in each meeting and conference room, and is brimming with warmth as it becomes a melting pot where employees from different units are able to work alongside each other. The 2nd Annual Co-working Survey released by Deskmag reports that the co-working model can positively affect how people work. At this co-working space, everyone is free to work on individual tasks or connect with one another to expand their network and build collaborations. The launch of this new co-working space is aligned with the launch of fresh, creative and innovative new works, especially at a time where over 60% of Garuda Indonesia Group comprises millennials, a generation known for their creative, borderless, tech-savvy and outspoken character. According to the same survey, a co- working space could increase productivity by up to 75% and expand one’s business network by 80%. It is no wonder that the Co-working Space Association claims that co-working space operators in Indonesia have spiked in numbers in recent years, seeing an increase of up to 400% since 2016. These new co-working space can be found spread across the archipelago, from Batam all the way to Papua. In line with Garuda Indonesia’s commitment in implementing Service Excellence, the company is also continuously looking for ways to accommodate innovations by employees. This manifests itself in the recent ‘Innovation Day’ program, which has given birth to several new breakthroughs that have the potential to deliver a positive impact across the company. Providing the kind of service that is impactful, valuable, and marketable requires effective and solid team work. For Garuda Indonesia, the push to create a Moment of Truth and New Experience for customers is stronger than ever. We should not be pessimistic, apathetic or indifferent. On the contrary, it is on us to continue to foster a fighting spirit and a winner’s mindset. Real victory is achieved with unconventional thoughts, creativity, commitment and thoughtfulness, all without dismissing the importance of adhering to existing rules, systems and procedures. It is necessary to feel motivated to move forward and take action, shape positive emotions into positive energy and to enter the arena not as a spectator but as a champion player. Together let us become the better version of ourselves and achieve absolute victory! Just do it and change it. Best wishes, Flytizen Garuda Indonesia