Garner Police Department--2017 Annual Report June 2018 - Page 9

our community and keep our followers updated on important information. Utilizing social media plays an important role in staying connected with the community. During 2017 we notified followers 495 times using Twitter and Facebook of traffic-related incidents, crime alerts, news releases, and even provided locations of speed enforcement/ DWI checkpoints. We also utilized the social networking service NextDoor to communicate with various neighborhoods within Town. Follow us on Facebook @GarnerPolice and Twitter @GarnerPolice. Citizen’s Police Academy The Garner Police Department hosts a spring and fall Academy each year. These are two, 10-week programs that provide an opportunity for citizens to learn how our Police Department works, to meet officers who work in their community, and to learn more about what it means to be a police officer in Garner. The goal of the Academy is to build relationships between officers and the community through better understanding of our jobs and functions. In 2017, the Academy had 23 graduates between the spring and fall sessions. Applications for the Citizen’s Police Academy are available at through the Citizens Police Academy link. Citizens and Police Together (CAPT) Citizens and Police Together (CAPT) is a volunteer group composed of Citizens Police Academy graduates who are willing to volunteer their time to give back to their community. CAPT is a 501-(c)(3) organization that consists of 21 members to include: A President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and volunteers. The CAPT team mission statement is, “The goal of the Citizens and Police Together team is to partner with the officers and support personnel to provide extra assistance as needed, to be a positive influence, and to return a service to the citizens of Garner that will make a great community even greater.” CAPT aids with events such as: The Town’s July 3rd Celebration, National Night Out, Shop with a Cop, Eggstravaganza, Fireman’s Day, Child I.D. Stations, etc. CAPT raised over $3,000 through fundraisers and donations in 2017. If you are interested in becoming part of CAPT, please contact Sergeant Sophia Sandlin at or visit and select the CAPT option. The Garner Police Athl WF27FfFW0VwVRFRv&W"Ɩ6RFWF27FfFW2VwVP’2WF7&R&WfVF&w&F@W6W2VGV6FFWF2B&V7&VF7FfFW2F7&VFRG'W7BBVFW'7FFp&WGvVVƖ6Rff6W'2BWFB2&6V@FR6f7FFBVrV^( FbFW&R&V6VBV&ǒVVv*( F6FWfV7G&r6FfRGFGVFW2Fv&BƖ6Rff6W'06VG6W'f6P#4BFVfVFVW'0R4BFVfVFVW"W'0#S"6BFVFf6FG26WFPC2PFF4BgVG2&6VBF&VvgVG&6W'2BFF0t$U"Ĕ4RDU%DTB#rT$U%@