Garner Police Department--2017 Annual Report June 2018 - Page 7

Operations Bureau consists of a sergeant, two drug investigators, and a gang investigator. The Operations Bureau is led by Captain Joe Binns and consists of the Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Support Services Divisions. Patrol Division The Patrol Division is the largest in the Garner Police Department and is managed by Lieutenant Paul Caldwell. This division consists of six platoons and is responsible for responding to 911 calls and proactive patrol in the Town of Garner. Platoons A-D consist of a sergeant, platoon leader, and five patrol officers— including a canine team. Platoons E and F consist of a sergeant and three officers and provide supplemental coverage during peak time hours. All these uniformed officers work 12.25 hour rotating shifts and provide police response to calls for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All officers work collaboratively with members of the community to engage in community-oriented policing. The Crime Analyst is responsible for systematic analysis of data to identify patterns and trends in crime. The analyst performs predictive analyses of the data and provides recommendations to investigators, traffic safety, and patrol to deploy resources in a more effective, efficient manner. The General Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating most felony crimes reported to the Garner Police Department such as robberies, burglaries, frauds, and other crimes. The Special Investigators primarily focus on drug, vice, and gang crimes, and provide support a