Garner Police Department--2017 Annual Report June 2018 - Page 6

The Personnel and Training Sergeant manages the Department’s Physical Fitness Program. This position is responsible for scheduling and administering the semi-annual Police Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT), re-tests, and department-led fitness sessions. Continual training, including exercises involving our Special Response Team, guarantees that the department maintains the highest levels of professionalism. systems. This position is also responsible for quarterly and unannounced audits of petty cash, confidential funds, and the evidence control room. The Administration Lieutenant also serves as the backup Internal Affairs Investigator and supervises the Personnel and Training Sergeant. Scott Crawford serves as the Personnel and Training Sergeant. This position is responsible for ensuring the department complies with all training mandated by the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Commission. This position is also responsible for recruitment, retention, and administering the hiring processes for the department. The Records Unit is managed by Della McKinnon and consists of the Records Manager, three Criminal Records Clerks, and a Quartermaster. The Criminal Records Clerks are tasked with managing all the department’s records, which include criminal reports, motor vehicle crashes, and other incidents. The Quartermaster is responsible for issuing uniforms and equipment to officers and is the primary custodian of all evidence and department property. A total of 9,441 records and documents were reviewed by the Records Unit in 2017. Over 1,238 new items were entered into the department property/evidence room, including 270 drug items and 37 guns. Dana Clay serves as the Department’s Accreditation Specialist. This position manages the department’s compliance with Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) standards and ongoing review of the department policies and procedures. The Garner Police Department received the Gold Standard during the most recent accreditation in 2016. The Garner Police Department has maintained CALEA accreditation since 1994, serving as a flagship agency for two terms. Serving and Protecting Accountability 36 Use-of-force incidents investigated 17,166 Dispatched calls for service 19,409 Self-initiated calls for service 24,203 Documented police contacts with members of the public 9 Citizen complaints filed against officers Adult custody arrests 4 Sustained allegations from citizen complaints 1,166 0.15 percent (less than 1 percent) of GPD encounters resulted in a reportable use of force. .16 6 Percent (which is less than 1 percent) of GPD contacts with public that resulted in allegations of wrongdoing. GARNER POLICE DEPARTMENT 2017 ANNUAL REPORT