Garner Police Department--2017 Annual Report June 2018 - Page 5

The Garner Police Department’s senior leadership team includes (from left) Lieutenant Chris Clayton, Lieutenant Paul Caldwell, Captain Lorie Smith, Chief Brandon Zuidema, Captain Joe Binns, Lieutenant Walter Myer and Lieutentant Mike McIver. Department Components Office of the Chief of Police The Office of the Chief of Police consists of the Police Chief and Executive Assistant. The police chief’s position is responsible for planning, coordinating, supervising, and evaluating all police department operations. Tracey Hamilton serves as the Executive Assistant to the Chief. This position assists the Chief of Police in budgeting, accounts payable/accounts receivable, personnel records management, payroll, and other non- sworn office/administrative duties. Administration Bureau The Administration Bureau is led by Captain Lorie Smith and consists of the Administration Lieutenant, Personnel and Training Sergeant, Records Unit, and Accreditation Specialist. The Administration Bureau is tasked with compiling, archiving, and handling all police records, criminal evidence and found property, ordering and issuing department-owned property, fleet management, employee training, recruitment, and accreditation. In addition, the Administration Captain is the primary Internal Affairs Investigator and maintains department records on use of force, pursuits, complaints, and other employee- involved incidents. Lieutenant Walter Myer serves as the Administration Lieutenant. This position manages the department’s fleet including the ordering of new vehicles, installation of specialized equipment, and managing the department’s in-car and body-worn camera GARNER POLICE DEPARTMENT 2017 ANNUAL REPORT 5