Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 8

vaults at the ExHale farm and at some off-site loca- tions. The special CO 2 producing strain can be found in all of ExHale’s amazing products, from The ExHale Micro to the ExHale 365. ExHale Micro The ExHale Micro was developed specifically for use in clone domes and seedling trays. There are many advantages to increased CO 2 levels in the clon- ing/seedling stage, including faster root development, reduced transpiration and a heightened resistance to molds and mildews. Overall, seedlings and clones that are exposed to enriched CO 2 environments get a healthier and faster start. The ExHale Micro is guar- anteed to enrich a 3.5 cubic foot space with CO 2 for three months. his or her growing environment is to use an ExHale CO 2 bag. The ExHale - Homegrown CO 2 ExHale CO 2 bags are mycelium-based products that use a special strain of fungus to produce CO 2 . Founder Glen Babcock spent years researching and searching for the perfect fungus strain to use for CO 2 production. The birth of the ExHale Company hap- pened during a trip to China in 2002 when Babcock collected more than 200 fungus strains. One of those 200 strains ended up being the CO 2 producing giant that is now used in ExHale CO 2 products. Babcock’s expertise in mushroom cultivation taught him that if your goal is to produce a lot of mushrooms, you want a strain that produces fruit easily and consistently. However, if you are looking for a strain that produces CO 2 , the opposite is true. A non-fruiting strain will produce more CO 2 for a longer period of time. This is because after a strain produces a fruit- ing body, the CO 2 production decreases. In order to find the strain used in ExHale products, Babcock and his team looked closely at each strain’s speed of colonization, its straight of mycelial threads, its inability to fruit, and the amount of CO 2 produced. After this tedious process, Babcock focused on one strain in particular that held the most promise. Using his trained eye, the threads of mycelium that showed the most desirable characteristics were selectively transferred and sub-cultured in petri dishes to ensure that the desirable char- acteristics were preserved. The developed ExHale strain is now kept secure in a number of strain 8 ExHale Original CO 2 Bag The ExHale Original CO 2 Bag is designed for small to medium sized growing spaces. These bags are ideal for gardeners who use grow tents or those growing in a roughly 4 x 4 foot area. In fact, the ExHale Original CO 2 Bag is guaranteed to provide CO 2 to a 4 x 4 foot space (or 128 cubic feet) for six months. XL ExHale Bag The XL ExHale Bag was designed for medium to large growing spaces. The XL ExHale Bag is perfect for hobbyists or commercial growers looking to in- crease production by enriching the growing environ- ment with CO 2 . The XL ExHale Bag is guaranteed to provide CO 2 to a 6 x 6 foot area (or 288 cubic feet) for six months. ExHale 365 The ExHale 365 is the only mycelium-based CO 2 device that is activated by the cus- tomer. Its patenting- October 2017