Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 60

Business Cards Seal for Real Industrial Strength Ask us about our NEW Gas Purge Vacuum Sealers V C (888) 800-2680 Chenille Plant is a Great Plant for Your Greenhouse Quality Redwood & Glass Greenhouses Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon • 50 years nationwide experience • Many architectural styles • Custom modifi cations possible • Designed to meet your needs FREE CATALOG: 800-334-4115 • BAYLISS MK7 AUTOVENT OPENER from Superior Autovents • Solar powered automatic vent opener • Our Superior tubes begin opening at 65-75°F • Wide opening to 12” • 2 yr warranty • Replacement tubes available A division of 60 Plant Name: Acalypha hispida Common Names: Chenille Plant and Red Hot Cattails. Light Needs:  Full to medium light in win- ter; medium light in summer. Best Temperatures: eep them above 60ºF. Water and Humidity Needs:  Keep moist in a high humidity. Growing Guidelines: Fertilize monthly with a 1-2-1 mix and prune heavily in spring Common Problems: Spider mites can spot the leaves. Dry air or lack of water can cause this plant to drop its leaves. Propagation: Take tip cuttings in early spring or late summer. Where it Grows: Tropical dry forests in Papua New Guinea. Interesting Fact: In cultivation, only fe- male plants are likely to be seen and it is the female part of the fl ower, the stigma that gives the red color to the hanging tails. October 2017