Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 6

COVERSTORY by Eric Hopper ExHale CO 2 Bags J ust as plants grown outdoors need CO 2 for pho- tosynthesis so do plants grown in an indoor garden or greenhouse. Oscillating and intake fans are used to bring fresh air (which contains CO 2 ) into the garden space. It can be a challenge for gardeners to provide enough CO 2 for photosynthesis to an indoor garden or greenhouse that is packed wall to wall with plants. Without an adequate amount of CO 2 , the plants will never perform up to their full potential. Sufficient air flow is the key to maintaining ambient CO 2 levels within an indoor garden or greenhouse. However, indoor gardeners and greenhouse growers have the unique opportunity to raise the CO 2 level in the garden to levels above that of the ambient air. The ability to increase CO 2 levels within the growing space is one of the biggest advantages of the heightened control provided by indoor horticulture. Enriching the growing space with CO 2 can boost the rate of photosynthesis and, in 6 turn, boost growth rates. Plants grown in a CO 2 en- riched environment are generally more robust and can produce larger fruits and flowers. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways a grower can add CO 2 to October 2017