Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 58

Products, Plants & More the reservoir. Always add Sislicum first before adding other nutrients and additives. Silicum is a concen- trated product and a small dosage of 3 ml per 5 gallons of water is enough for large visible effects. For more information contact Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply at NATURAL CRICKET FRASS FERTILIZER 4-2-2 Cricket Frass is derived from droppings and exoskeletons from crickets grown in a controlled envi- ronment while being fed a natural organic diet. It does not contain live insects. The collected Frass can be used as a dry fertilizer, addi- tive to soil conditioners and in the preparation of liquid teas. Cricket Frass contains organic Phospho- rus and Potassium. The nitrogen is protein based slow release or- ganic. It is also a valuable source of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Cricket Frass contains natural Chi- tin which is known to trigger the natural defense systems of plants. ticultural industry. It also features Smart Step Technology, Super Lumen, Smart Start™ Ignition Con- trol, Full Circuit Protection and a 3 year warranty. For more informa- tion visit Adding Cricket Frass to growing programs as either a soil additive or as a foliar tea has been shown to increase bloom formation, and when used from start to finish can speed the time to maturity by four to seventeen days. Each batch of material is tested by an indepen- dent laboratory to certify its com- position, guarantees and for any harmful ingredients including ex- cess heavy metals. For more infor- mation contact Smith Greenhouse Supply at or 815.341.2323. NEW DIGITAL DOUBLED ENDED 630W CMH/LEC FIXTURE Grower’s Choice Horticultural Lighting Department has intro- duced the industry’s first digital double ended 630 watt Ceramic Metal Halide fixture. The fixture utilizes Advanced Low Frequency THE ULTIMATE ODOR ELIMINATORS Square Wave The Ultimate Technology and In-Duct Ozonator a high-efficiency by Corona Discharge 630 watt double ended Ceramic Metal Halide grow lamps. The GC- The Room Model Ozonator 630 delivers the by Ultraviolet highest efficiency and closest spec- 1.800.765.2098 905.264.6508 361 Rowntree Dairy Road, Unit 4, Woodbridge ON L4L 8H1 trum to actual sunlight in the Distributed by: • • commercial hor- TOLL FREE: 58 FAX: HIGH PHOSPHOROUS SEABIRD GUANO Vital Earth’s High Phos Sea- bird Guano is the can be used for all flowers, fruits, herbs and veg- etables. Vital Earth 2-7-0 can be used as a soil amendment, as a top dressing or use as a liquid fertil- izer when made into a compost tea. It contains a small amount of nitrogen to promote lush growth, while at the same time providing an excellent source of phosphorus for fruiting and flowering plants, trees and herbs. Vital Earth High Phos Seabird Guano is an excellent choice for the hobbyist or com- mercial grower looking for high quality organic inputs at an afford- able price. It promotes budding and flowering and is 100% guano with no additives or fillers. Appli- cations include but are not limited to gardens & landscapes, trans- planting and premixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes, top dressing and compost tea mixes. For more information call 541.879.3530 or visit VitalEarths- October 2017