Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 57

wild-caught fi sh bone meal, cold- water kelp meal and many other organic nutrients that promote optimal health and help plants thrive. Home Grown Potting Soil contains carefully selected peat moss and is ready to use right out of the bag with a pH near 6.5 for optimal nutrient uptake. Each bag contains a potent and proprietary blend of MycoApply certifi ed mi- crobes which creates a vigorous root system. Choose Dr. Earth Home Grown Potting Soil to grow heavy weight fl owers with maxi- mum yields. For more information call 707.448.4676 or visit DrEarth. com. Products, Plants & More on the market. This Sunburst model accepts most High-Pressure So- dium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps in 250 and 400 Watt models. The integrated ballast automati- cally senses which type of lamp it is running and operates accordingly, and includes an adjustable wattage control. It is comes with a 3-year warranty. For more information visit LIGHTING FIXTURE This newly redesigned fi xture offers the Grower’s Choice spec- trum that was engineered to rep- licate and harness the penetrating power of the sun. It is a fi xture that fi lls all horticulture applica- tions and has an industry leading most effi cient dimmable ballast and an open-air refl ector that uti- lizes a unique passively cooled design. The new GC-630NS offers ultimate control of spectral out- put with two horizontally placed lamps that offer the ability to mix spectrums for an optimal full phase broad spectrum that allows specialty fl owering plants to reach their maximum potential. For more information visit HPS/MH ADJUSTABLE DIGITAL GROW LIGHT, 250W/400W New and available exclusively from Hydrofarm, the Sunburst HPS/ MH Adustable Digital Grow Light is an effi cient electronic ballast and refl ector in one compact package. It delivers more usable light energy and operates at cooler, quieter lev- els than any other compact system October 2017 effectiveness for both vegetative and fl owering growth. It features internal RF shielding, multi-aspect protection circuitry, and 277V operation. Like all ballasts in the Phantom family, the CMh 315 bal- last, 277V, is silent, reliable and energy effi cient. It can easily be wall-mounted near the refl ector, or can be mounted up to fi fty feet away, using Hydrofarm’s optional lamp cord extensions. It includes an 8’ pre-wired AWG power cord with EMI suppression. For more information visit ADDITIVE THAT INCREASES NUTRIENT UPTAKE GRADUATED CYLINDERS Hydrofarm’s graduated cyl- inders are designed for precision measurement of liquid volume. They are made of durable, translu- cent polypropylene and each cylin- der features a pour spout and offers measurements using raised marking for easy reading. Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml sizes. For more information visit CMH 315W DIGITAL BALLAST The Phantom CMh 315W bal- last is a remotely operated, low frequency, square-wave digital bal- last designed specifi cally for the 315W high intensity ceramic halide lamp. It can be used with equal Silicum is an additive that can be used in combination with your preferred base nutrient. It stimulates the uptake of nutrients giving the plant extra energy and resulting in more dry weight. Because the plants receive more energy, Silicum is especially ef- fective in combination with inter- canopy light. Silicum also contains soluble potash, boron, molybde- num, increases plant photosyn- thesis and water-use effi ciency, increases disease resistance and seed quality, activates enzymes and helps control their reaction rates, enhances calcium uptake and stimulates the production of plant fi bers. Silicum encourages resistance against a-biotic stress (temperature, wind) and increases the absorption of nutrients. It is resistant to biotic stress (pests and pathogens), reduces loss of moisture form leaves and helps lower production costs. Use Si- licum from start to fi nish of the plant cycle, using fresh water in 57