Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 55

ARE YOU LO$ING SALES Because You Don’t Have Professional Sales Literature or Catalogs to Send Prospects and Existing Customers? How many times has a potential customer asked you to send them a catalog or put them on your mailing list and you couldn’t do it. What’s worse is that you’ll never know if not being able to send that prospect a profes- sionally designed catalog cost you a cus- tomer and a major account. Not every customer is comfortable purchas- ing strictly from your website and profession- ally designed catalogs and product literature can help you solve this problem by establishing new customer relationships, maintaining & expanding existing customer relationships and reminding past customers to start doing business with you again. Nichols Publishing, the publishers of Garden & Green- house Magazine, will work with you to design; print and even mail professional catalogs and product liter- ature that will help increase your sales and enhance your company image, at an affordable price. For a FREE consultation and quote contact: Nichols Publishing Company 6170 Forest Hills Drive Dubuque, IA 52002 PHONE: 563.557.7571 FAX: 563.557.7641