Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 48

FEATURESTORY by Bill Baugh Fixing 3 Common Soil Problems You cannot plant and grow garden fl owers or veg- etables if you do not maintain the soil in your garden in perfect condition. Improving the soils is essential for increasing a garden’s productivity, but the differ- ent problems require different amendments. Here are some of the most common soil problems and the best ways to deal with them. Not Enough Organic Matter If your garden lacks soil life, it probably suffers from poor water drainage and the plants are re-mis- sive. The solution to this issue is to spread compost that reaches 3-inches deep in the soil and forms an equally thick layer over the ground. Soil germs will also truly benefi t from cover crops, crop rotation and conservation tillage. An excellent idea is to add some amendments containing benefi cial bacteria to help en- sure the soil will be provided with everything it needs to be healthy and productive. Too Dry or Wet Soil If a garden bed dries out because it drains too fast, compost can again be a great solution to the Technologically Superior WWW.NANOLUXTECH.COM 48 October 2017