Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 44

ing job, you can create stone edging for your raised beds. You can easily make a loose laid surround of cobbled paving stones or recycled building bricks to contain the compost – no need to build a proper mortared wall unless you really want to. Alternatively, for a more stylish and sophisticated fi nish, you can build concrete raised beds from scratch using breeze blocks. All you need is a friendly weekend brickie, plenty of hardcore, sand and cement as well as enough breeze blocks for 2 courses all around your chosen area. Clear and level the site, spread and compact an 3 inch layer of hardcore as footings for the raised beds. Mark out the shape of the bed with pegs and string. Lay 2 courses of blocks, using a mortar mix, then leave to set over- night. Apply 2 coats of render to the outside and, once dry (about a week later), fi nish with masonry paint. Fill with compost and you’re good to go. Manufacturing A Complete Line of Growth Media Diagnostic Equipment For Use In All Types of Hydroponic & Greenhouse Applications -- 252 252-443 252- 443-3630 443- 443 3630 or 44 October 2017