Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 40

FEATURESTORY by Mike James 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Build Raised Bed Gardens If you’re curious about growing your own pro- duce but are put off by the effort this seems to re- quire, or think you need a big garden to make it worth your while, take heart. Raised beds are the answer to all your problems. Growing your own fruit and vegetables in a raised bed is a delight because: ◆ ◆ You control the soil. There is no need to work with the soil that’s in your garden. With raised PROTECT YOUR PLANTS Hard-working Insect and Animal Repellents that also provide moisture loss protection. 800 627 6840 40 beds, you can start with fresh soil or a mix of your choice. ◆ ◆ You get a high return on your efforts and reduce the need to battle weeds and poor drainage. Raised beds provide the perfect growing environ- ment of clean, weed free, well aerated soil. ◆ ◆ You can protect your back by eliminating the need to bend down for planting, weeding or har- vesting. Raise your beds up to comfortable levels and literally take the pain out of gardening. ◆ ◆ You can get started with one or two raised beds in a convenient spot in your garden, on the patio or even on the balcony. Most importantly, raised beds are easy to build. Who needs expensive garden designers or landscap- ers when all you need is a free weekend and some savvy, quirky DIY ideas? Build Your Own Timber Raised Beds Set aside an area of garden and get three 8-foot planks or from your local hardware store or garden center for a 10 square foot bed. You’ll also need some 4” screws, some cardboard or old carpet off- October 2017