Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 22

FEATURESTORY Garden & Greenhouse Grow Test Future Harvest Development Easy Grow + and Easy Bloom + T he folks at Future Harvest Development, a Canadian company, were kind enough to send me samples of their one-step fertilizers Easy Grow + and Easy Bloom +. The Easy Grow and Easy Bloom fertilizer lines are one-step, all- inclusive fertilizers that are pH stable and contain all the micro- and macronutrients plants need to thrive. The Easy Grow + and Easy Bloom + fertilizers con- tain all the same great micro- and macronutrients as the Easy Grow and Easy Bloom, but also have ben- eficial microorganisms added; hence the “+”. These added beneficial microorganisms reside in the soil or medium and help keep the plant’s roots happy and healthy. I decided to use the Easy Grow + and Easy Bloom + in an outdoor grow test and photo document the growth. Now for my official disclaimer: this test was conducted outdoors, which means I could not pos- sibly control all of the variables, including rain (which we will discuss later). In other words, this was not a highly scientific test, but was rather a test conducted 22 out of pure curiosity to see how Future Harvest Devel- opment’s one-part fertilizers would perform. The Test I filled 16 three gallon planting containers (Future Harvest Development’s three gallon plant life plastic containers) with basic, store bought, pre-packaged potting soil. Two varieties of pepper plants were used for the test: red rocket cayenne peppers and anaheim peppers. I planted eight red rocket cayenne pepper plants and eight anaheim pepper plants for a total of 16 test subjects. The 16 planting containers were separated into four groups of four. Each group of four had two red rocket pepper plants and two anaheim pepper plants. Each group of four was to be fertilized differently. The Control Group The control group included two red rocket cay- enne pepper plants and two anaheim pepper plants. This group received only plain water and did not October 2017