Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 18

(Product review continued from page 14) The Nanolux DE Chill has six dimmable settings that range from 600w to 1200w. This allows a grower to select 600w, 660w, 750w, 825w, 1000w, or 1200w. This kind of versatility makes it easy for growers to make adjustments depending on the current stage of growth or temperature of the grow room. The hous- ing of the unit is made from high quality powder- coated steel. The airtight soldered joints mean this unit will operate at high effi ciency when air-cooling. Other air-cooled refl ectors on the market are not truly airtight and this can cause both ineffi ciencies while cooling and also odor control issues. The Nanolux DE Chill comes with a no-hassle, three year warranty. On the rare occasion that the ballast would fail, the Nanolux DE Chill can be opened and the ballast can be replaced without need- ing to replace the entire unit. The Nanolux DE Chill can use any 2100 umol DE high pressure sodium lamp and will also fi re any double ended metal halide lamp. The Nanolux DE Chill is one of the most versa- tile horticultural lighting systems utilizing HID double ended lamp technology on the market. Advantages of Double Ended (DE) Technology Double ended HID lighting systems like the Nano- lux DE Chill, are more effi cient at converting electric- ity into light and have an increased longevity when Full Spectrum Grow Lamps HPS Closest to Natural Sunlight, See How at © 2017 Venture Lighting International, Inc. 18 SUN-0186A12_v1-0817 October 2017