Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 14

PRODUCTREVIEW Nanolux DE Chill Nanolux DE Chill T he sun is the main energy source for the entire garden when growing outdoors. For indoor horticulture, the artificial lighting sys- tem is the main energy source for the garden. This is why it is so important for indoor horticultur- ists to search for the very best when it comes to the artificial lighting system. Horticultural lighting has come a long way over the last twenty years. In fact, many of the early indoor gardens used little more than retrofitted street lamps or fluorescent shop lights to grow plants. Compared with the horticultural lighting systems of today, those technologies are horribly inef- ficient. Even though great strides have been made in the horticultural lighting sector, a grower should still be concerned about his or her lighting system’s ef- ficiency and effectiveness. There are large variances in the quality, efficiency and effecti veness of different horticultural lighting systems. When shopping for a lightning system, a grower needs to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages and make the most informed decision possible regarding which system would be the best for his or her particular garden. For modern growers with larger growing facilities, a horticultural lighting system will ideally have three attributes: the ability to produce intense and usable light, the ability to be efficiently cooled, and the abil- ity to be controlled remotely or automatically. There is one lighting system in particular that encompasses all three of these attributes and more. That lighting sys- tem is the Nanolux DE Chill. Nanolux DE Chill The Nanolux DE Chill is the first double ended (DE) commercial overlap fixture of its type to hit the indoor horticulture market. The Nanolux DE Chill’s design includes an onboard ballast, substantial 8” air cooling ports and comes ready to connect to the NCCS (Nanolux Cloud Control System) APP. The large port air-cooled design allows a grower to remove up to 60% of the heat load from the growing area. The on- board ballast makes cooling even more efficient as the heat from both the ballast and the bulb is exhausted via air-cooling. The efficiency of the air-cooled design reduces the cooling needs for the entire growing facil- ity. A gardener can reduce the air conditioning re- quirements of his or her garden space with the Na- nolux DE Chill. The entirely enclosed design comes complete with a fully gasketed access door for trou- ble-free lamp changes and glass cleanings. The optical quality tempered glass lens only reduces the light by 6%, which is easily offset by the ability to move the lights closer to the plant canopy. In fact, due to the ef- ficiency of the air-cooled design, the Nanolux DE Chill can generally be placed closer to the plant canopy than a typical open DE system which raises light in- tensities on the plant canopy by upwards of 20%. (Product review continued on page 18) 14 October 2017