Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 12

S i LICIUM No Electricity or Regulators Required Unlike compressed CO 2 canisters, which require electric regulators, ExHale CO 2 bags do not need electricity or regulators. Not only is this less expen- sive because it saves on electrical costs, but it also makes placement in the garden easier since a grower will not need access to an electrical outlet. Light Weight The ExHale CO 2 bags are light weight which means they can be easily hung above the plant can- opy. Since CO 2 is heavier than air, it is most advanta- geous for the CO 2 to be administered above the plant canopy. After being emitted, the CO 2 will “fall” onto the plants. If it is not possible to hang an ExHale CO 2 bag above the plant canopy, it can simply be placed just about anywhere the grower desires. Pure,Concentrated Fast Absorbing Mono-Sillcic Acid SILICIUM is the perfect additive that can be used in combination with your preferred base nutrient. SILICIUM stimulates the uptake of nutrients giving the plant extra energy and resulting in more dry weight. Because the plants receive more energy, SILICIUM works great in combina- tion with inter canopy light. SILICIUM is a concentrated product and a small dos- age of 3 ml per 5 gallons of water is enough for large visible effects.Containes • Soluble potash • Increases the photosynthesis and the water-use efficiency. • Increases disease resistance and the quality of the seeds and it activate enzymes and control their reaction rates. • Boron • Enhances Calcium uptake and stimulates the production of plant fibers. Boron is essential for seed and cell wall forma- tion • Molybdenum -Essential to convert inorganic phosphates to organic forms in the plant. It also takes care that Nitrogen is moved from lower to upper leaves Ph: 866-599-4404 12 100% Recyclable After the ExHale CO 2 bag has served its purpose, it can be composted and recycled. The contents of the bag can be thrown on a compost pile or used as a soil amendment. The bag itself can be recycled through the grower’s local plas- tic recycler. Best Bang for the Buck All in all, ExHale CO 2 bags are the best bang for the buck for gardeners looking to add a CO 2 enrichment system. This is especially true when considering the increased elec- trical and cooling costs associated with other types of CO 2 enrichment systems. Indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists are constantly trying to increase the production and the efficiency of their gardens. Enriching a growing environment with CO 2 is a great way for a gardener to boost growth rates and to increase the quality and size of the garden’s yield. Although there are many different ways to admin- ister CO 2 in a garden, a horticulturist must look at all of the costs, including the hidden costs that go along with owning and maintaining a CO 2 enrichment system. The folks at ExHale have designed multiple mycelium-based CO 2 bags that are capable of enrich- ing CO 2 levels in both small areas, such as cloning chambers, and large areas, like greenhouses. The fact that the ExHale CO 2 bags can consistently produce CO 2 for such a long time without adding any heat or requiring any electricity is something that every in- door horticulturist can get excited about. GG For more information call 888.243.3233 or visit ExhaleCO2Bags. com. October 2017