Garden & Greenhouse October 2017 Issue - Page 10

pending design utilizes a separation seam that allows the spawn pod to be separated from the sterilized substrate until the grower combines the two and ac- tivates the reaction. Both retailers and the end user love the fact that this product has a guaranteed three month shelf life. Once the grower decides the time is right, he or she can remove the separation seam and allow the material in the upper spawn pod to fall into the sterilized substrate. Once combined, the award winning ExHale specialty strain will go to work. The peak CO 2 production will occur in 30-45 days. The Exhale 365 will continue to release CO 2 for nine months. The three months of shelf life combined with the nine months of active CO 2 production equate to one year (365 days) and is the reason this product gets the name ExHale 365. Advantages of ExHale CO 2 Bags Quality At the heart of every ExHale CO 2 bag is the award winning strain which produces CO 2 and pro- motes healthy plant growth. Enriched CO 2 levels will help a gardener not only produce larger and denser fruit and fl owers, but will also help to increase the quality of the harvest. Plants suppl ied with enriched CO 2 levels have the ability to grow to their full poten- tial and produce the highest quality fruits and fl owers possible. Longevity Aside from the ExHale Micro (which is guaran- teed to produce CO 2 for three months), the ExHale CO 2 bags can be expected to produce CO 2 consis- tently for at least six months. The longevity and con- sistency in which ExHale CO 2 bags produce CO 2 are what really make this product line stand out from all of the rest. Leader of Safe and Organic Products • • (805) 650-8918 10 No Heat Unlike CO 2 burners, which create excess heat in the garden space or greenhouse, the ExHale CO 2 bags contribute no additional heat to the garden space. This is a big deal because indoor horticultur- ists and greenhouse growers generally spend a lot of money removing unwanted heat from the growing area. Artifi cial lighting and/or trapped solar radiation can create so much heat that a gardener is forced to battle it with additional cooling equipment. When a CO 2 device creates additional heat, a grower has to absorb the additional cost of cooling which reduces his or her return on investment. ExHale CO 2 bags can be added at any time to any grow room without the risk of raising temperatures or needing additional cooling equipment. October 2017