Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 8

hydroponic systems will give hobbyists an idea of which system may be the best fit for them. Common DIY Hydroponic Systems People all over the world are using and creating different types of hydroponic systems. Each of these systems can have multiple variations, but the core concept for each system remains the same. The fol- lowing are general descriptions of each system which can be further customized to meet the particular needs of the horticulturist. Deep Water Culture Deep water culture, or DWC, is a very common type of DIY hydroponic system. This is most likely because a single module can be built out of little more than a five gallon bucket and a small aquarium air pump and all for less than ten dollars. In a deep water culture system, the majority of the plant’s roots are submersed in a nutrient solution which is con- tinuously aerated to keep the dissolved oxygen levels in check. Homemade DWC systems can be as simple as a hole cut in a bucket lid for plant placement and an air pump for oxygenating the root mass. They can also be as advanced as multiple connected plant modules with multiple air pumps and a water chiller unit. 8 July 2017