Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 6

FEATURESTORY by Eric Hopper HYDROPONICS E xperimenting with hydroponic gardening is a fun and productive way for green- house hobbyists to expand their horticultural knowledge. The term “hydroponics” is a general name that encompasses all methods of soilless gardening. In other words, there is a multitude of ways to garden hydroponically. However, don’t let the seem- ingly infinite amount of hydroponic systems deter you from giving hydroponics a try. One of the best ways for greenhouse hobbyists to break into hydroponic gardening is by making a homemade hydroponic system. There are countless plans on the internet for do-it-yourself or DIY hydroponic systems. These sys- tems can be built from materials commonly found at home, online or at a local hardware store. With so many hydroponic systems to choose from, a gardener can choose the hydroponic DIY project that meets 6 his or her budget and remains within their comfort zone in terms of construction difficulty. Each type of hydroponic system can have hundreds of possible variations, offering the grower the ability to tweak a particular system to best meet his or her desires. A closer look at some of the most common self-built July 2017