Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 58

Products, Plants & More more information stop by a hydro- ponics retailer or visit Growersc. com NEW 4K DOUBLE ENDED CMH BULB spectrum, ensuring both reliabil- ity and effi ciency. It is capable of operating at either 120v or 240v, making it ideal for home and com- mercial applications. The Smart- Dim technology allows growers to dim and super-charge the lamp depending on the grower’s specifi c needs.  Grower’s Choice offers the broadest range of 315w lamps, including the 3100K Full Phase, 3100K-R Red Enhanced, 4200K Day Light, and 10,000K Finishing. For Grower’s Choice has intro- duced the industry’s fi rst 4K Double Ended CMH bulb. The bulb runs in any Double Ended high frequency ballast, just dim it down to 600w allowing growers to enjoy the benefi ts of costly CMH systems by simply switching out the bulb in their existing fi xture. Due to a proprietary spectrum, the Grower’s Choice CMH 4K bulb offers an un- beatable CRI of 98 - making it the closest solution to sunlight avail- able on the market. The 4K bulb is ideal for the vegetative stage and helps create thicker branches, tighter node spacing and bushier growth which lead to higher yields. This new product offers the effi ciency of a DE system and the spectral quality of a CMH combined into one. For more information visit GREENHOUSE TRAINING ONLINE COURSES The University of Florida IFAS Extension is offering online training courses in English and Spanish for greenhouse person- nel. Each course runs for 4 weeks, and includes a personalized cer- tifi cate of completion. Classes are completely online, and include streaming videos, readings, and assignments. They are available any time of the day, and new modules are activated each week during the course. The fi rst course offered, Greenhouse 101, serves as introduction to the series of online classes offered. It teaches the underlying horticultural sci- ence of plant growth to students who haven’t had a formal training in horticulture. Topics covered are plant parts and functions, photo- synthesis and growth, greenhouse technology, fl owering, compact- ness and branching, irrigation, nu- trition, and plant health. For more information email greenhouse- training@ifas.ufl .edu. GROW YOUR BUSINESS Garden & Greenhouse can help! Call 563.557.5751 or email 58 July 2017