Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 56

Products, Plants & More TALL GREENHOUSES GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Greenhouses provide growers the maximum amount of usable space, while the extra overhead space improves ventilation. They are available in multiple sizes and custom designs to fi t all commer- cial and professional needs. The design utilizes a durable, triple gal- vanized steel frame that is covered by a double-layer fi lm that ensures growers have the utmost control over the greenhouse environment. The outer layer is 6 mil, 4 year fi lm, while the inner layer is an in- frared anti-condensate thermal fi lm that provides drip control. Custom- ers can also choose between roll- up or drop-down sides that can easily be operated by one grower. The GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Greenhouse can also be outfi tted with GrowSpan’s fully automated light deprivation system, allowing users to gain complete control over the light cycle. For more informa- tion visit or call 800.476.9715. HUMIDITY CONTROL FOR PACKAGES Available now from Hydro- farm, Boveda provides 2-way hu- midity control for packages and containers. Boveda’s patented 56 product, made entirely of FDA- compliant ingredients, is an insert that monitors the relative humidity inside the container. Then it adds or removes moisture as necessary, to maintain an ideal humidity level of 58% or 62%. Best used with a tightly sealed container, Boveda is available in mini (4 gram), small (8 gram) and large (67 gram) sizes. Boveda requires no activation or maintenance—the user will know that it’s time to replace the Boveda when it’s no longer pliable. For more information visit Hydrofarm. com. COIR SOIL AMENDMENT Available exclusively from Hydrofarm, Grow !t Coir Crunch is an ideal soil amendment for in- creasing aeration and drainage in any mix. It’s made out of coconut husk fi ber, chips and pith, and can completely replace perlite and peat in a mix, while being far more ecologically sustainable. Grow !t Coir Crunch increases horizontal distribution of water and expedites drying of the top layer of the grow medium. It is also excellent mulch. Grow !t Coir Crunch comes in com- pressed bales for easy shipping and storage, yet each bale expands to 11 cubic feet. A limited supply of sample sizes is available. For more information visit Hydrofarm. com. FLOOD TABLES Hydrofarm’s Active Aqua brand has added two new fl ood tables to its product lineup. The fi rst is the premium 4’ x 6’ white fl ood table, offers strength and performance. The tray edge is arch formed for minimal fl exing and maximum re- inforcement. These tables are made of 100% BPA free virgin ABS plas- tic cap over recycled ABS plastic core, and are fully recyclable. They hold up to 101.5 gallons, and fea- ture water level indicators. Those looking to keep a low profi le will fi nd Active Aqua’s 2’ x 8’ Low Rise Flood Tables ideally suited for top feeding and perfect for catching runoff from hydroponic setups. Available in black, its curved, nar- row edges allow for tighter grow space, with unique vertical chan- nels that are sloped towards the center of the tray for effi cient drainage. These tables are rigid and strong, with a low profi le 3 ¾” sidewall, and will hold up to 28 gallons. For more information visit HYGROZYME AVAILABLE IN ECONOMICAL DRUM SIZE Sipco is proud to introduce the new commercial grow facility drum to bring you greater value with each order. Hygrozyme® is North America’s #1 concentrated enzyme formula and is an essen- tial addition to any grow system. With over 20 years of medical and horticultural enzyme formulation July 2017