Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 47

The RootMaker System ® The Original Root Pruning Container System ® • Root-pruning container growing system from propagation to finished size. • Create fibrous, non-circling root systems. Tomatoes in RootTrapper ® II 3 Gallon Squats • Promote horizontal root branching, not just downward. • Increased number of root tips means greater absorption efficiency. • Accelerate plant growth. • Shorten production time. • Above ground, in the field, or pot-in-pot. Same age blueberries grown in 32 cell RootMaker ® (left) and a standard pot (right). Notice massive size difference. • A fibrous root system equips plants for transplant success. • Unique, patented containers built on continuous root pruning research since 1968. Want to learn more? Root system from a RootBuilder ® II Quart