Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 46

ger to reproduce, but can eat an as- tonishing 40 Spi- der Mites every day!  Female Stethorus can lay up to 15 eggs per day. The life cycle from egg to adult takes 18 days at 70 degrees F, and is even faster at warmer tempera- tures. Green Lace- wings, Pirate Bugs and Lady- bugs are general feeders that eat many small soft-bodied insects including Spider Mites. They are good predators to use for preven- tion, and also great to use if you have more than one species of pest to deal with. They are not specifi c to Spider Mites like some of the predators are, but their ability to eat other insect pests and live longer with- out a source of food can be desirable. Nearly all gardeners and growers eventu- ally get Spider Mites. They can be a very destruc- tive pest and need to be dealt with as soon as they are discovered. It is important to regularly inspect your plants for Spider Mites and other pests. Use preventative mea- sures whenever possible and keep a healthy popula- tion of benefi cial insects established on your plants before you have a serious outbreak. GG Nathan Jackson is the owner of Nature’s Control and Ladybug In- door Gardens. Located in Phoenix, Oregon. Nature’s Control has supplied growers with benefi cial insects for over 35 years. He can be reached at (541) 245-6033 or Visit www. Arcadia See photos and videos on our website! ™ Greenhouses Quality Greenhouse Kits for Year-round Growing Ask about our new 16mm 5-wall polycarbonate for best energy efficiency. ■ ■ Freestanding, Lean-to, and Kneewall Options ■ Glass or Polycarbonate ■ Strong Extruded Aluminum Frame ■ Professional Installation Standard and Custom Sizes FREE Greenhouse Planning Guide “10 Steps for Selecting the Right Greenhouse for You.” Call 440-357-0022 46 w w w. A r c a d i a G l a s s H o u s e . c o m July 2017