Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 43

Leaks Monitor the pressure and look out for leaks. Leaks in a drip system can be easily and quickly repaired with plastic connectors that will cover the leak and connect the split piece, without forcing growers to throw out or replace the leaky tape. Effi ciency As this is the goal and reason drip tape exists, over-spending on a super advanced drip system may not be most effi cient for many growers. Take the suggestion of starting with a simple drip system on smaller acreage, and then expand towards the goal of automation once you have an understanding of your operational needs. Creating a healthy and steady water supply for plants is vital, especially with the droughts of recent years. Farmers depend upon the success of their production. A drip irrigation system is an excellent addition to a growing operation and will save any farmer hours of manual watering and gallons of wasted overhead water. For those ready to step into the 21st century with automation, environmental controllers can automate everything from ventila- tion to drip and fertigation systems in a greenhouse. Drip system components are easy to fi nd and just as easy to repair. Adapt to your operational needs and custom build a drip tape system. With technology that has persisted for thousands of years, drip irrigation is an ingenious solution to a growing concern for water waste and effi ciency. GG THE ORIGINAL TWO-PART, PH BALANCED HYDROPONIC BASE NUTRIENT. • • • • Ensures maximum growth and flowering Highly concentrated pH balanced for increased yields Over 20 years of outstanding results Amanda Williams is a content writer for GrowSpan (www.Grow-, which specializes in greenhouses and growing solu- tions. She is an experienced grower and owner of Town Farm in Ledyard, Connecticut. High Performance Products. High Performance Service. To see the full line of products and find a dealer near you please visit: Visit July 2017 43