Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 42

provides a level of effi ciency unknown before the technology of today. Drip & Fertigation Pointers Now that we’ve explained the benefi ts and re- quirements for an effi cient drip system, here is an overview of what to consider for the most effective and effi cient drip system. Water Quality Probably the most important question when set- ting up any irrigation system is what is the quality of your water source? Making sure your water is safe is incredibly vital if you are growing consumable crops. Test the water with your local water qual- ity company. For the sake of the drip system, you also want clean water to avoid clogging, which can occur within the drip lines or emitters. Keep an eye on your fi lter and clean it out often to avoid losing pressure. Pressure Understand which areas of your system, if any, are losing pressure on the drip tape journey. Aim for consistency throughout the fi eld or greenhouse, so that your recipe for success is matching up to your conditions. 42 Automation If any grower is looking to lower labor costs and energy, automation of any kind, if affordable, is a huge leg up. Maintenance Even with automation, a grower has to oversee their operation to make sure each part is running correctly. July 2017