Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 37

ultimate control in temperature anD humiDity. DesigneD Designe D for large facilities an anD D those who want the very best. THE kEy FEATURES // » MaSS DEhuMIDIfIcaTIon » PLug & PLay fITTIngS » coLD WEaThEr oPEraTIon » VErTIcaL or horIzonTaL MounTIng » InDuSTrIES bEST SuPPorT » rEMoVE 400+ PInTS PEr Day! THE ELITE SERIES SUMMARy // The Elite Series is a complete mass dehumidification and air conditioning system. It offers ultimate control of both relative humidity and room temperature. The unit is built on the foundation of our XL Series system. This unit is completely Plug and Play as every connection point comes with re-sealable Plug and Play fittings making it your best choice for quick and easy installations. The Elite Series is designed for individuals who require the very best in environmental control. call toll free: (877) 728-0757 or visit us online at VIEW ONLINE //