Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 36

damage done by competitor trimming machines is not limited to the fl ower material; the valuable trim material is also damaged. GreenBroz trimmers pro- tect the quality of both the fl owers and the trim ma- terial so the highest percentage of valuable essential oils will be retained. Step 3 - Essential Oil Extraction When it comes to essential oil extracts, the GreenBroz Alchemist 215 and the Alchemist 420 have a horticulturist’s needs covered. These devices are dry-sift, solvent-free essential oil extractors that can be operated as stand-alone units or with the addition of dry ice. After the dried fl owers are run through a trimmer, the left over trim material can be put in the fi nal machine in the series of GreenBroz automated harvest machines: the Alchemist 215 or the Alchemist 420. As to be expected from GreenBroz, these units are made from the same high quality HDPE material and food-grade stainless steel as its other products. The 130 micron screen separates the essential oils from the plant material as the 25 watt whisper-quiet motor rotates the holding chamber. The adjustable timer gives a gardener even more control as he or she learns how long to process each individual plant variety. The essential oils drop into an essential oil collection tray for easy removal. The GreenBroz Al- chemist 420 is the large-scale version of the Alche- mist 215. In other words, the Alchemist 420 is built to extract essential oils from large quantities of trim material. Both of the units clean up in less than 10 minutes and come complete with a one year manu- facturer’s warranty. An Overview of the Company GreenBroz, Inc. was offi cially founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. It is commit- ted to leading the gardening industry in automated harvesting solutions. GreenBroz hopes to help cul- tivators realize their own versions of the American dream through fi ne American craftsmanship, com- mitment to detail and outstanding customer service. The quality of the fi nished product is always the number one priority for the folks at GreenBroz, Inc. and that is obvious when looking at their line of harvest automation products. Word of Greenbroz’s dry trimmers spread quickly among horticulturists because of their speed, quiet operation and ability to retain quality. These factors are what led to the company’s original tag line, “Gentle. Quick. Quiet.”. Gentle equates to higher quality because the fl ower material will not be damaged. Quick equates to reduced labor costs and a higher return on investment. Quiet equates to additional comfort for the user. All in all, Green- Broz’s harvest automation products are the cream of the crop (pun intended) and will continue to set the bar for the rest of the gardening industry. GG For more information call 844.DRY.TRIM (844.379.8746), Email Visit 36 July 2017