Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 34

(Continued from page 30) play shows the revolutions per minute. The revolu- tions can be adjusted with the speed dial and range from 1-80 revolutions per minute. The forward/ reverse switch controls the direction of the whisper- quiet 25 watt motor. There is also an operate switch to toggle between “stand by” and “run” (the ma- chine only operates in the “run” position) and an emergency stop switch for added safety. The Canna- Gin can be cleaned and ready for the next harvest in less than fi ve minutes; a feature many horticulturists will appreciate. The CannaGin also comes compete with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Step 2 - Trimming After the fl owers have been de-stemmed, they are ready to be trimmed. The GreenBroz 215 Stan- dard Dry Trimmer is designed to increase the con- sistency and effi ciency of the trimming process by gently, quickly, and quietly mimicking the act of hand trimming. This machine is capable of process- ing 2-4 pounds of plant material per hour which makes it quite the workhorse. Considering the aver- age time to trim a pound of dried fl owers by hand is usually around four hours, the 215 Standard Dry 34 Trimmer is a valuable tool for just about any gar- dener. What makes GreenBroz Trimmers so special is the patented design which gently rolls the fl ow- ers and creates manicured fl owers that retain their curves and unique shape. The patented process also preserves a high percentage of the essential oils found on both the fl owers and the trim mate- rial. This enables a horticulturist to also use the trim material for making essential oil extracts. As with the CannaGin De-stemmer, the housing of the 215 Standard Dry Trimmer is made from HDPE and the metal used is all food-grade stainless steel. The whisper-quiet motor operates on only 25 watts of power and turns the blade at 20 revolutions a min- ute. The entire unit weighs in at 35 pounds, making it easily portable. Clean up takes only 5-10 minutes and the machine comes with a one year manufac- turer’s warranty. GreenBroz even supplies its own line of machine oil for cleaning and lubricating the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer. Trimmer for Commercial Gardens GreenBroz’s 420 Commercial Dry Trimmer is the go-to trimmer for serious cultivators. This machine can process a whopping 8-12 pounds of plant mate- rial per hour. Like the 215 Standard Dry Trimmer, the patented design allows for gentle rolling of the fl owers which maintains a higher overall quality. Many horticulturists have avoided using trimming machines because of the damage they infl ict on the fl ower’s essential oils. This damage, in turn, re- duces the quality and the marketability of the fi nal product and potential extracts. The 420 Commercial Dry Trimmer will not damage quality during the trimming process and will also help the cultivator achieve larger profi ts by reducing labor costs. The July 2017