Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 30

PRODUCTREVIEW by Eric Hopper GreenBroz Automated Harvesting Solutions I t is not very often that a company comes along and offers a complete solution to horticultur- ists. It is rare, but that is exactly what Green- Broz, Inc., from San Diego, CA, has done with its innovative product line designed for step-by-step harvest automation. Harvesting can be a time con- suming and costly venture for some growers. Hiring additional workers to help with the harvest can cut deeply into profi ts. By automating a fair portion of the harvesting process, a horticulturist can drasti- cally reduce the amount of time and labor required. Automation equipment can also eliminate the need for additional workers. The harvest automation equipment offered by GreenBroz reduces the work- load throughout the entire harvest process. Each “stage” of the harvest process is more effi cient and effective when using the corresponding GreenBroz harvest automation product. GreenBroz is the fi rst (and only) company to offer horticulturists a com- plete, step-by-step harvest solution. After the fl owers are hung and dried, there are three steps of the har- vest process remaining: de-stemming, trimming and extracting essential oils. Step 1 - De-stemming After the fl owers have dried completely, they will need to be removed from the stem prior to the fi nal trimming. GreenBroz’s CannaGin 215 De-stem- mer is an automatic de-stemmer. That’s right; this machine automatically removes dried fl owers from the stem. The CannaGin is actually named after the cotton gin, the machine that separates cotton fi bers from their seeds. This simple-to-operate machine contains four stem guides and allows one or two operators to process up to four stems at a time. In other words, the CannaGin is designed to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to de-stem the fl owers before trimming. In fact, the CannaGin can achieve the same results as hand de-stemming, but in 1/4 the amount of time. The CannaGin is constructed of HDPE (which means it won’t harbor microbial or bacterial growth) and food-grade stainless steel. Like all GreenBroz products, the CannaGin is proudly made in the United States of America. In addition to the Ameri- can craftsmanship and high quality materials, the CannaGin has multiple features which make this tool user-friendly and safe to operate. A digital dis- (Continued on page 34) 30 July 2017