Garden & Greenhouse July 2017 Issue - Page 22

WAMTM, a commer- cial horticulturist is practically guaranteed a higher return on his or her investment for years to come. Products Flying Skull Plant Products is well-known for its complete line of high quality horticultural products. The product Nuke Em, a high-tech pesticide, is perhaps its most recognizable product. It also has an incredible wetting agent, Spread Coat, which makes Nuke Em even more effec- tive. Flying Skull Plant Products is much more than just high quality pesticides and wetting agents. The probiotic Z7 and the Clone Guard are top quality products revered by serious horticulturists. Flying Skull’s plant food line is about 50/50 salt- based to plant-based and most parts are very con- centrated. For example, Essential Flora Extract (the natural amino acid additive) calls for a 1/4 ml per gallon dilution rate. The bloom additive, On Sched- ule, is applied at 1/3 ml per gallon. The salt-based formulations, Elite Micro, Grow and Bloom, are ap- plied with subtle variations at ¼ tsp per gallon of water. Simply put, a little goes a long way. Flying Skull’s nutrients are also extremely soluble so that in-line proportional injector equipment, like auto- dosers or automatic feed line systems, will not get clogged. assurance batch test on the Flying Skull Plant Prod- ucts website. A gardener will also be able to use his or her smart phone’s QR (quick response) decoder app for a quick viewing. When asked what was behind this new labora- tory testing, Redman responded, “this kind of testing is in response to the pesticides and plant food prod- ucts that have been removed from store shelves or suspected contributing factors in the failing of sta te lab tests. Flying Skull Plant Products wants the pub- lic to know that we make top quality products and formulate within the guidelines given to us by state and federal rules and regulations. We don’t need to cheat to get our products to work effectively and the lab tests prove it.” When asked if the rest of the Fly- ing Skull products will be tested, Gordon’s response was, “we will continue to do spot testing to keep our ingredient manufacturers honest.” It is nice to know that there are still companies that have integrity when it comes to transparency and quality. There are not enough companies will- ing to go above and beyond to ensure the end user receives a safe, quality product. Flying Skull Plant Products will continue to be a leading company in the horticultural industry for many years to come due to its innovative products and its understanding of consistency, quantity and quality. GG For more information call 888.770.8808 or visit Above and Beyond - Product Testing Flying Skull Plant Products will be implementing a new program directed toward commercial growers in regard to the Nuke Em pesticide/fungicide. Many states are now requiring testing of produce before it can be sold. These states test produce for specifi c adverse chemicals that are banned from use on con- sumable crops. They also test for mold, yeast and bacteria. To assure growers of the purity of Nuke Em, Flying Skull Plant Products will go above and beyond its competitors and test Nuke Em for 59 ad- verse chemicals known to fail lab tests. It will also test for mold, yeast and bacteria (both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria). Every batch of Nuke Em will go through these quality assurance laboratory tests. A batch number will be placed on each commercial size container for reference. Customers can fi nd the container’s batch number and match it to the quality 22 July 2017