GANGA 65th Issue - Page 2

Newsletter No. 65; IRBMS in India are mainly three types one is Disasters like pick up again in September. The four-month Flood fast moving second is disasters like Drought monsoon season gives about 70 per cent of the relatively slower and lastly very slow disaster like country's rainfall. drying up of Groundwater and pollution etc. The As per IMD North-west India, comprising key climate change has changed the short term and kharif-crop long term rainfall cycle, once the low rainfall years Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, is likely to part of the cycle stuck large part of Indian Sub- receive higher rainfall than last year, at 100% its 50- continent, then it will be severe disaster for large year average. Rainfall is likely to be 99% of the number of rural people of India. Immediate long-period average (LPA) for central India, National Water Policy followed with River basin comprising Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and level participatory Water Management can save us 93% in the north-east. However, the southern from that critical situation. peninsula consisting of Karnataka, Telangana, growing states such as Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and parts of NEWS Maharashtra may receive 95% of LPA, which is lower than last year. IMD Monsoon Forecast Till Mid July Most of the states are receiving on an According to the India Meteorological Department average normal to excess rainfall. During June (IMD), India is likely to receive normal rainfall Gujrat particularly Sourastra Region received during the four months of the southwest monsoon deficient rainfall, when North-East and Gangetic season this year. IMD has forecast a normal West Bengal received excess rainfall during that monsoon in 2018, with rainfall likely to be 97% of period. the long-term average. A normal south-west Flood in the North East India monsoon is good news not just for farmers but also for sectors that gain when the rural economy is in In June 2018 different parts of North East India good health. As per Skymet there is only 20 per witness heavy spell of monsoon rains. This is cent chance of above normal monsoon rains, 20 followed by devastating floods and landslides. per cent chance of below normal rains and zero per Thousands of people have lost their shelter, land cent chance of a drought, it added. June would and livelihood. In the second week of June alone, record excess rainfall, July is likely to be normal over 2 lakh* people from Assam, Manipur, Tripura and August below normal. Rainfall activity will and Mizoram have been affected. Flood water has 2 Integrated River Basin Management Society