GANGA 64th Issue

Newsletter No. 64; IRBMS May, 2018 Ganga ( Picture Sourc:e ANI News) In a recent study by NASA scientists concluded Commentary that freshwater around the world is moving Another summer is passing and the water crisis is constantly but maybe not in a way that suits in different parts of the India becoming acute. current human habitation. Dry areas on the planet Unfortunately the urban elite media is not are getting drier and wet areas are getting concerned about the scarcity of water in India’s wetter. It has been known that freshwater from rural hinterland where thousands of villagers of glaciers or aquifers are running out, like in high- hundreds of villages are walking in the scorching altitude glaciers in the Himalayas, or from sun to collect water from far flung places. groundwater in central North West India. The Monsoon is coming in normal time still this study drought journal Nature shows that water worldwide is like situation groundwater condition. is due to perched published May 17th in the being redistributed—and it’s implications are quite 1 Integrated River Basin Management Society