GANGA 57th Issue

Newsletter No. 57; IRBMS; October, 2016 Rally in Khandwa Nov 2008 Global water crisis is seeping in slowly from dams is still going on. Over 95% of Iraq’s country to country. Asia, which has grown water phenomenally in terms of population and Euphrates; anyone controlling these dams economy during last five decades, is would have a stranglehold over Iraq. witnessing conflicts over water across the In Central Asia most of the water comes continent. In Arid Middle East, water is used from the mountain ranges of Kyrgyz as a war strategy. Islamic State’s (IS) want Republic and Tajikistan flows downstream to control water of Iraq and Syria. The major to dams on the Tigris and Euphrates are Uzbekistan through the Amu Darya and Syr targeted by IS in Northern Syria and it Darya rivers met Aral sea, one of the largest captured the Tabqa dam in 2014, a major inland lakes in the World. Earlier, Soviet source of electricity and water for the engineers built dams and canals to harness country. The fight between Iraqi army & IS water. After breakup of Soviet Union, the over capturing the Iraqi Mosul and Haditha water sharing agreements among the Central comes Kazakhstan, from Tigris Turkmenistan and and 1 Integrated River Basin Management Society