Game On Magazine September 2015 - Page 86

summer of 2014. Nobody knows her skills better than Shaftesbury head coach Eugene Kaminsky and for years, he’s been one of her biggest boosters. “Steph is a gifted player, there’s no disputing that,” Kaminsky told us during her Grade 11 season. “She’s the type of player who makes the people around her better. “Her size is always the first thing people notice, but she’s tough, has great balance, and she’s hard to knock down. She’ll go into the corner to get the puck against anybody and more times than not she comes out with it. She’s tenacious and she doesn’t allow her size to hurt her. She’s also shifty and a smooth skater with a silky set of hands who sees the ice extremely well. Grossi has the ability to beat you with speed and is a double-threat on the attack.” As great a hockey player as she is – she holds the Shaftesbury team record for the most points (158) and assists (84) in program history — Grossi is also a brilliant student and admitted “science nerd” who is majoring in Bio-chemistry at Syracuse and will “probably go to med school and become a doctor.” During the 2014-15 season, she certainly made an impression – both on and off the ice -- on her coach at Syracuse, Paul Flanagan. In fact, Flanagan told the campus newspaper that even at 5-foot-2, Grossi plays a much bigger game. “Size does not affect her at all,” Flanagan told the paper. “She’s got good skills and she just keeps the game simple. She possesses the skills and abilities you really can’t teach. “She has great decision making skills on the ice and her play is smart and instinctive.” This summer, Grossi has been working out with the staff at Focus