Game On Magazine September 2015 - Page 75

R yden Fedyck loves to play hockey. Which, of course, makes him no different than most Canadian bantam hockey players. However, there is one thing that sets him apart from many bantam players in this province: He’s big and he’s really good. In hockey -- as in most sports in North America that reward the best players with professional contracts -many are called, but few are chosen. Fedyck will be entering his Bantam 1 season this fall and that means he’s eligible for the 2016 Western Hockey League draft. That also means, for him and dozens of other highly-touted young players, the pressure is on. “Getting drafted is very important to me,” Fedyck said thoughtfully. “But I do feel a lot of pressure to have a good year. “And while getting drafted is important, it’s also nerve-wracking. Everyone wants to get drafted in the high rounds. In order to do that, the thing I need most is ice time and I guess I do get a fair amount of ice time, but this year to be competitive as a team it will be most important for us to utilize t H