Game On Magazine September 2015 - Page 6

EDITOR’S NOTE CREDITS Game On is Manitoba’s hockey magazine. This is where hockey fans will meet the stars of the game here in Manitoba and where our goal is to pay tribute to those who make hockey this province’s most beloved sport. Published by Game On Manitoba Inc., this publication is edited by Scott Taylor and is designed and developed by Scott Taylor and Ken Waterman. Game On Magazine is printed by the Winnipeg Sun. Any opinions expressed belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily express the views of the magazine, or of the publishers. All published work is edited for accuracy, style, and clarity. We do accept unsolicited material as long as it refers to athletes, coaches, or volunteers involved in hockey in Manitoba. Welcome back! So what did you do on your summer vacation? Jonathan Toews had fun, bringing the Stanley Cup back to Winnipeg. We joined him at Jonathan Toews Community Centre when he showed it to the kids. It was pretty cool. For AHL tough guy Frazer McLaren, the off-season meant working out with trainer Richard Burr and traveling to Australia to raise money for Kerry Goulet’s (speaking of Winnipeggers) Foundation and to teach the game to some kids who were starting to learn the finer points of our great game. We have that story for you in our 2015-16 Preview Issue of Game On, Manitoba’s Hockey Magazine. In fact, we’ll introduce you to a number of people who make Manitoba hockey great and carry the message all o ٕȁ9