Game On Magazine September 2015 - Page 15

special is the way he thinks the game. He is very smart and has great vision, just like Toews. These types of players just see things so well during the course of a game that they know where everyone is at all times. Nolan can make plays, he can score or he can set the table nicely for his linemates.   He has soft hands, is a deft passer and can finish plays. He can do things on the backhand as well. And just like Toews, he understands the importance of the face off. Nolan takes that skill very seriously.   In fact, that is one of my favorite things about Nolan -- his attention to detail. He studies the tendencies of other players. He can focus and prepares very well, mentally, for games. Perhaps best of all, he has consistency. He is not a verbal leader in the dressing room, but he has the aura of a leader and when the game starts, he communicates constantly with his teammates.   Brandon hit the jackpot with Nolan. He will be the face of their franchise for the next few years. For Nolan Patrick, the sky is the limit. n