Game On Magazine November 2015 - Page 35

The jersey for Goulet’s 2,000th point in German hockey into the Hockey Hall K erry Goulet knew exactly what ended his hockey career and he vowed to do his very best to see that other young men with big dreams didn’t have it all go waste in foggy thoughts and blurry vision. Goulet, who grew up playing the game at Winakwa Community Centre, was one of the most successful players in European hockey when too many concussions made it impossible for him to continue. So Goulet found other like-minded ex-players, including former NHL star Keith Primeau and created Together, Kerry and Keith began a tireless search for knowledge and insight in order to reveal the mystery of brain trauma or, as we’d rather call it, concussion. This included hours of discussion with neurosurgeons, rehabilitation experts, parents, coaches and kids. The goal, as it was on the day was founded, is simple: To fully understand how to prevent and then treat a brain injury. Through this process, Goulet and Primeau co-authored a book, Concussed and Kerry quickly became one of Canada’s top nonmedical experts on concussions. Goulet h