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THE COACHES J O N AT H A N B R O O K S IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE KIDS BY JOHNSTON HALL Photos by James Carey Lauder THEY SAY IT TAKES 10,000 HOURS of practice to become an expert in a certain field. Although some may not believe the truth behind Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule, there’s no doubt that practicing a skill or vocation that often would eventually lead to profound abilities in that particular area. If there are 8,760 hours in one year, how many hours would one accumulate by coaching hockey for the past 35-plus years? For Winnipegger, and well-known minor hockey coach Jonathan Brooks, the answer is easy. “A lot,” he said. “And if you’re anything like me, you would have also spent thousands of dollars on hot chocolate at the rinks over the years.” For some, dr frFFR&FP֖FFRbvVrvFW"26&Rf"FW'2N( 2vV&R'WBf"7W'&V@r"rRdT$U"#pVB66bFRvVrGv2֖FvW@FVN( 2&WFRBFB&WFRFFW0&6V'2( גf'7B6V666r6Wv0VFW""( '&26B( FWFF( BVW&V6&G2&6FV'WBF&V6vWGFrגff66W'Ff6F2&Vv66rB'&BFVfVBF&VvV&6R6W'2'FFVf'6R6RV7B7BVvFWvB&fW"V7B&Vf&RFpFRGv2( ХFR7BFW&W7Fr'Bb'&>( FP2BFRVwFb2f7B֖"6W66r6&VW"'WBrR7GVǒv@ffVB&VBFR&V6( ĒvVBfR&VV"BFFpגrvfRBFRFR( FR7W'&V@'FF&W6FVB&VfV7FVB( ĒvV@fW"F6W"Wf"FFRRF