Game On Magazine 2017 May 2017 - Page 126

press, Re m o c e D cove r and Enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy in the privacy of your very own Float Cabin ! Relax... What is a Floatation Therapy? Fluid Float Studio has been open for almost a year, offering 60, 90, 120 minute float sessions in our customized Float Cabins. Operating downtown out of the Fort Garry Place. Float Therapy involves the use of a sound-proof, light-proof enclosures, in our case, a Float Cabin 8’ long x 4’ wide x 7’ high in- stead of Tanks or Pods,  ensure that nobody gets claustrophobic during their session.  Each Cabin contains roughly 1000 lbs of Epsom salt dissolved in 10 inches of water , making it more buoyant than the Dead Sea. Floaters lay on their backs floating effortlessly while their face remains above the water and the water is kept at skin temperature. Without the constant pressure grav- ity and the high levels of magnesium in the water, the muscles relax, joints decompress  and spine  temporary  elongates  giving the floater the ultimate sense of relief. Since the water is heated to roughly the temperature of the skin, in addition to the option of removing light and sound, guests may even experience the sensation of floating through space, losing the sensation of where the air and water meet. This makes for some very high spirited and chilled out feelings during and after a float session.  Floating has been used in the treatment of: l l l l C U R RY N HE Y AD BR l A TH Anxiety  Concussions Cardiovascular ailments Fibromyalgia Migraine headaches N TOE WS l l l l General body pain Insomnia Reduce blood pressure PTSD and much more Many professional athletes have started using Float Therapy as part of their wellness programs such as Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Jonathon Toews including professional sports franchises installing float units in their trainiing facilities and much more for: l Recovery  l Enhanced learning l Mental preparation  l Creativity l Performance l Sports injuries  l Stress relief l Muscle recovery T. 204.297.6521 Studio 65 (Mezzanine) 81 Garry St. Winnipeg, MB R3C 4J9 LOCATED IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG AT THE BEAUTIFUL FORT GARRY PLACE BEHIND THE HISTORICAL FORT GARRY HOTEL