Game On - Issue 40-2017 GOM May '17 Issue 40 - Page 26

Siseko Ntondini Beyond the movie Siseko unisa Ntondini Beyond the movie When Beyond the River was released in cinemas in March this year, the story of Siseko Ntondini spread like wildfire. Never did he imagine that his journey to 2014 Dusi glory with Piers Cruickshanks would so effortlessly capture South African hearts and restore their hope in the power of sport to change the world. After rising from impoverished circumstances in Soweto, there is a line from the movie that Siseko holds onto: “I want to become a somebody.” Join Game On Magazine as we reveal how life has unfolded for Siseko beyond the year of 2014. 26 Game On Magazine, ISSUE 40 – 2017/5