Game Notes - Page 7

1 Andre Blake MLS Games Played: 22 MLS Clean Sheets: 5 Last Clean Sheet: 5/20/16 vs. D.C. United Position: Goalkeeper Birthday:11-21-1990 Birthplace: May Pen, Jamaica Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs. Previous Club: UConn 2015: Blake recorded two shutouts in six MLS games. He broke a franchise record for saves in a game, by making 10 against New England on Sept. 26. He was a two-time MLS Team of the Week selection, on Week’s 30 and 34. Blake also started the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final against Sporting Kansas City. 2014: Appeared in one match, making first career start at Houston on Aug. 15. In the game against the Dynamo, Blake made seven saves. He also led the Union to a pair of early-round U.S. Open Cup victories. 2013 (UConn): Registered 10 shutouts (0.75 GAA and 10-3-8 record) to win the American Athletic Conference Goalkeeper of the Year award. Blake was also a semifinalist for the MAC Hermann Trophy. 7 Brian Carroll MLS Ga Y\^YYM\Y\S[Έ B\[ܙY K MBܛ۝Hˈ[B][ێY[\\^N LM LNNL\XNXܝ KZY &L8'BZY M˂][\Xܛ۝Œ MH [[ۈ[ܛ۝NYYH[[ۈۈ]Yˈ ˈ\X\Y[]HX]\XYH\[YۙH\\ [ܛ۝ܙX][B^YY[\YXXوHX[x&\\\[Y\]YXˈ[[ x&\XYH M\X\[\]ZY\\X\ۋHܙYB[YK][[[YZ[[HX\]XZ\ۈX^H \[BLH[[ܛ۝\ۙH MKL[[Y\x&\^YY MNܙX][B^YY[\YXXوܛ۝&\\\[Y\]YXˈ[[ x&\XYH M\X\[\]ZY\\X\ۋHܙYB[YK][[[YZ[[HX\]XZ\ۈX^H \[BLH[[ܛ۝\ۙH MKL[[Y\x&\^YY H\][B[X[\^\Y[H^Z[Y[]HZYY[\X]\XBQBS[Y\^YY N\Y\S[ΈB\S[ K̎ M]ܘY‚[Y\^YYLB\Y\S[ΈB\S[ ̍MBˈ[۝X[][ێZYY[\\^N L LNN B\XN[ٚY[ KZY x&LL8'BZY MMH˂][\X[X\ܙ]‚][ێY[\\^N LN LNN \XN[\\[[YZY &Lx'BZY N ˂][\XH]B[[ BX[\\X]Z\YH[Y[XH[[ۈۈ݋  LXBYH][X\ܙ]ˈHY[]HZYY[\\\Bۙ\ ][\YY[X\]HX[\ܛH\Z[&\\B[[XXوH\]HX\ۜˈHK\YۙY]HXۈ[  M MN\^YY XYYH[Y\[\Y[ KH[[ۈ\YۙYX[\܈H MX\ۈۈ[  M M\X\Y[ H[Y\[Y M\܈H[و K Z[]\˂HX[YHH^Y[^Y\[S\ܞHXZH \Y\\›ۈ\ L[H\YYZ[][ܚY[ˈ۸&\ۙB\\وX\ۈ[YH[H KLH]][۝X[ۈX\ K LΈH\Z[وH[[ۈ\Y[[ [Y\وHX\ۋ[H[و MHZ[]\ˈۈؙ\ L HXXYHZ[\ۙBH\][[\ Y[\X\ۈS[YK‚TSԑPUSBX]\XHYHܚY[[H[YH[[ۈ[܈H MX\ۋY\Yۚ[H][K^YX\^[[ۈ[ MKHY[]HZYY[\[[\\\YX\]HX[ M\H[\]YXY\وHX[KH\^\Y[H[HQHܛ\ QQH[\[ۜXYYB[]\HXYYH[\HܛY\ˈ Hݙ\[[X[ۈ[HS”\\Y MNYHXYH \X\[\[YۙH[[ۙH\\ B[\[X\ٝ[X\ۋY[[\\H܈Hܝ\XHۂ MKH\] YۈZY^HYHYX\[XYYH^K]ZXY[^YYYZ[[H[X\[Kˈ[\[[YZ[ܝ[[\]K M [[ۊNYHٙXX[H[YHX[Hۈ[HH]Hۂ[ ˈ[\\YX\X[SH\X\Y[\Y[ H[Y\˂